Dabeeside Inc. is group of nine (9) journalist based out of Columbus, OH. Dabeeside's mission is to provide high quality relevant information about the latest in music and current events to a vast amount of listeners via radio podcast, locally and worldwide.


We strive to be ahead of the curve, provide original content and shows that are interesting and creative to all our listeners.  We diligently use our podcast show (Dabeeside), our website (www.dabeeside.com), and many social media outlets to continuously inform our listens of current entertainment happenings. We also have DJs and photographers and music producers.


All Dabeeside members continue to explore new opportunities that come our way for a chance to create a lasting memory between us and our fans. We believe we would be a really good fit for your event and hope that you feel the same way too.


Thank you for the opportunity and we hope to hear from you soon.




DaBeeSide Family